Aramis Devin Eau de Cologne – 100 ml

January 5, 2016 - Comment

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Product Features

  • Size: 100ml
  • Gender: Male


Ramesh says:

Seems Fake or copy of original I purchased this item as a gift for my son and upon seeing the colour of the Cologne he immediately told me that it is not the same and then he used it, Yes the fragrance was same but lasted just less than an hour. Again I took this to big departments stores they immediately upon seeing the colour told me that this was not genuine. I again tried myself as I have been wearing Aramis both EDC/EDT for over 40 years and to my shocking, the fragrance lost within an hour, where as I used the one I had purchased from Next Same Aramis Devin EDC very clearly there is day and night different in colour and not to mentioned it lasted that even the following day while bathing I still had same fragrance unlike that I purchased here on Amazon

Bartonwolf says:

Aramis’s best ever product in my opinion I have used Aramis Devin for many years and never grow tired of it – now almost impossible to obtain at airports and usually priced at between £45 ad £50 if purchased in the shops (if you can still find it). This is the ‘real thing’ and not a copy, the fragrance will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. Very strong and long lasting, you will not be disappointed.Aramis Gentleman’s Collection Devin Country Eau de Cologne Spray 100ml

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