Le Male Eau de Toilette Spray 125ml

January 5, 2016 - Comment

Product Features Jean.P.Gaultier “Le Male” 125ml Eau De Toilette Spray 125ml Jean P Gaultier Share this…DiggFacebookTwitterLinkedinTumblrPinterestReddit

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Product Features

  • Jean.P.Gaultier “Le Male” 125ml Eau De Toilette Spray 125ml
  • Jean P Gaultier


Amazon Customer says:

Amazon supplying fakes? Received today from Amazon, compared the bottle to one I bought from John Lewis and there is an EXTREMELY noticeable difference between the 2 bottles. On the John Lewis bottle the stripes are very faint, and smooth to the touch. On the Amazon bottle the stripes are very bold and prominent and a lot whiter. The paint is also rough to the touch.The smell of the John Lewis bottle is very powerful and lasts the whole day. The smell of the Amazon bottle is very faint and disappears completely after about an hour.Contacted Amazon about this and they said they would investigate. They are picking up the item tomorrow and issuing me with a full refund. I have a picture to show how different the bottles look but I am unsure at how to upload it to this review.

higgledyhiggles says:

Not sure if this is real. Just a caution. i can`t say for sure either way. I bought from here after my mum bought me some and it ran out. Bought this bigger one and I noticed straight away that it doesn`t smell or `stay` as long as the smaller product I had before which came from duty-free on the boats. Did a bit of research and the lack of strength/smell is apparently a dead giveaway for a fake product. Stupidly I don`t have the can anymore, apparently it`s easy to tell, printed writing(not embossed), incorrect website label etc.So be aware and check the product when you get it, at £45 it`s worth checking again.I`ve also tried to be fair here as i can`t say for sure but there really is no potency to the product I received.

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